Our Approach

Through InStride, we employ a partnership strategy with organizational leaders to identify the right opportunities for growth and develop the strategy to get there, and we work collaboratively with leaders to position them – and their organizations – for success. Consider us true members of your team because that’s how we’ll see ourselves.

InStride Advisors brings three unique strengths to our work:

First, we bring a strong track record in not only strategy consulting but also experience in executive leadership in nonprofit and philanthropic organizations. This means we not only offer our clients thought partnership around program quality, operational scalability and organizational sustainability, but also real time, real world counsel on a variety of organizational decisions. In other words: what can you really do, and what will it really take to get there?

Second, since we’ve lived as executives in growing nonprofits and as part of a vibrant funder community, we have true appreciation for the extensive stakeholder engagement necessary to successfully energize everyone who cares about an organization and its work. We are able to elevate a variety of voices into strategy and change management work through one-on-one interviews, expertly facilitated small and large group discussions in person or virtually, literature reviews and landscape assessments, and surveys. All of our client work involves planning and managing broad and deep engagement with internal and external organizational stakeholders, before and during strategy development work and when launching the new plan. In other words, who needs to know and when do they need to know it?

Third, we bring a combined focus on the whole organization and its component pieces. We work with clients to align around a big picture vision, mission and/or goal, and we build in attendant communications needs and organizational capacity considerations along the way. In other words, we care about both the why and the how.