Change Management

Organizations manage change through leadership transitions and organizational pivots through balanced perspective, thoughtful planning, and solid execution. InStride can help you determine what road to take, where the bumps in the road might be, and how to navigate strategically through to calmer waters.

We can help:

  • Develop or refine your mission, vision, and values as you evolve your organization’s purpose.
  • Design and execute stakeholder engagement and communication strategies during times of big changes.
  • Assess risk in the change process, and structure mitigation strategies to pave the way forward.
  • Structure and facilitate stakeholder engagement convening models to help you learn and adapt to the needs of the communities you serve.

Strategy Development

Strategy development is an active process. At InStride, we believe that a skillfully crafted strategic direction should:

  • serve as a positioning device with staff, stakeholders and partners, and help align an organization’s purpose with it’s work activities;
  • provide “north star” language that organizational leaders, staff, and stakeholder believe it, while allowing the organization to remain nimble and responsive;
  • make the organization’s point of view clear about what success looks like; and
  • tell a compelling story

Our customized strategic planning processes fully engage your organization – from board, to leadership and staff, as well as the communities you serve.

We can help:

  • Design and lead robust strategy development processes for your organization, particularly when you are ready to dive deep into what’s working and what could be better for your work.
  • Assess the impact of previous strategic efforts, through assessment and analysis of outcomes, and distill key learnings to inform future planning.
  • Develop core messaging and communication tools to reflect your organization’s brand and share your goals clearly and compellingly.
  • Advise on implementation planning, helping your team shift from “strategy” to “execution”, which is often where organizations get stuck.

Capacity Building

A well-run organization can do great things, but it’s important to understand what’s working well and why, and what’s not and why not! Whether you want to refine program delivery methods, create a communication plan, or nurture a stronger organizational culture, InStride can help you identify where the greatest opportunities for improvement may lie, and provide expertise and coaching to help you move your organization forward!

We can help:

  • Map current human capital strengths against current and future growth targets.
  • Structure comprehensive hiring and onboarding plans for new staff to ensure a highly-branded and positive recruitment process. We can even lead hiring efforts as needed!
  • Assess where friction points are in your current operations and identify new ways of working.
  • Design and implement human capital and operations protocols and processes.

Learning Facilitation

Organizations are at their strongest when they prioritize time and resources for their teams to regularly learn, reflect, and plan. Leaders often find value in a consulting partner who can quickly acclimate, generate trust, and design gatherings and learning models that will help them meet their goals and the unique needs of their teams. InStride is a trusted and discrete partner for executive coaching services for board and staff leaders, and a skilled and creative facilitator for staff and board gatherings.

We can help:

  • Create customized leadership and management coaching for new and seasoned leaders at the staff and board level.
  • Design and facilitate in-person or virtual meetings and retreats – from 5 to 100+ people.
  • Help you solve problems that are keeping you up at night as a leader. If you need a “critical friend” to advise on an issue you are facing, reach out – we’ve led through organizational challenges as leaders before, and helped many others as advisors and consultants.